Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Bunch of Mugs and their Priori-teas...

Moving house at least seems to be an imminent and highly exciting possibility in the Fothergill household, and a year's worth of decorating, sorting, throwing-out and organising is a valuable comfort with the prospect of upheaval and chaos.

However as we munched on brownies, put the kettle on and opened the mug cupboard this morning we were met by an over-flowing and neglected shelf of outdated and accumulated tea & coffee accoutrements. Something had to be done.

Players: 4. Rules: 6 mugs each. Time-span: Sunday morning. Bonus: 1 extra mug. Outcome: success!

Top to bottom [Chris, Gill, Charlie, Henry]

Mug Sorting
Mug Sorting
Mug Sorting
Mug Sorting

Truffle has a collection too!

Mug Sorting

It's so interesting how different our collections look (and how eccentric too!). What are your priori-(teas!) when it comes to your perfect mugs?

1 comment:

  1. My mug is a traveller, because I have a lot of kids... but a piece is missing from the top making it easy to spill.

    I just can't let it go though, it's just me.



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