Sunday, 27 November 2011

Reuse and Recycle!

I think this should be our family motto...not sure what the translation would be in Latin and as I'm not fluent in the language the best I can do thanks to Google is:

praecessi quod redivivus
So if there are any Latin scholars out there...please feel free to correct!

Now that the basic garden clearance is done, time to start sorting out the borders, build a terraced seating area in a sunny spot....and create a veggie plot at the top of the garden. We had to get outside help following the tree felling in order to dig out the stumps. And what better company to call in than our local man from 'Grindforce'.

Job done and we set to work...endless digging and masses of roots removed. A scout around the garden and I find a supply of Bradston bricks and random slabs left by our predecessors. Rich pickings and perfect for building the patio. Hard labour for someone who spends most days slaving over a hot computer and muscles found that I never knew existed before!!!

However, things are starting to take shape and remarkably the pation area works really well. I have no means of cutting the bricks so have to hope that I can fit them all together somehow without ragged edges...bit like doing a jigsaw but with heavy bricks! However it works and here is the final result.

Just enough London red bricks to create an edging between the lawn and top of the garden, set in a curve and bedded down with sand and soil it makes a pleasing curve that defines one area from another. More finds in the undergrowth as we discover a whole collection of old fashioned hand thrown terracotta pots....perfect for potting up random bulbs found when we were digging through the border. No idea what the bulbs are so it will be a pleasant surprise to see what emerges in the spring! 


  1. It's panto season so here's a transformation scene! Well, a miracle, really... Nobody but Fothergills Inc could get so much done, so fast. Us mere mortals can only watch in amazement. And it means that all winter you will see tidiness and nature ready to leap into action.. not a higgledy dump... CONGRATULATIONS.

  2. Wow mum that's amazing work!! I just love the fact it's all recycled! Unfortunately they don't have charity shops here in France, which is bizarre to me! Looking forward to seeing some photos of your amazing work on the swing-seat area too!



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