Monday, 14 May 2012

Dog-Proofing the Garden!

Now don't get me wrong...I love my dog but I also love my garden too! However there are times when a conflict of interests between recently planted up flower beds and an over-enthusiastic bouncy Spaniel mean that drastic protection measures have to be taken!

Our dog Truffle's route to the back gate and walks beyond take her through the garden via her own well-trodden path. Unfortunately the route for this is via my yet to be planted up veggie plot and a small border behind the rockery. So ....mmmm what to do?

She's a bright little doggie and since she was a puppy we taught her the 'off' word. We would hold a treat in front of her and when she went to take it we would hold it firm and say 'off'' until she learnt to wait for the 'ok' command that meant she could be rewarded by taking the treat.

So - having build up the side borders in the garden with log roll, she's learnt that these are now 'off' limits and no longer ventures over them but she still treats the veggie patch as a through route. So - I still have some willow sticks and bits of hazel left over from the main fence and I reckon that if I build up a bit around my veg plot and border opposite she will learn that these are now out of bound doggie areas!!!

I've also included some pots and plants as further deterrents around the opposite border and hoping that these will be enough to convince that areas beyond are no-go!

So far so good and the new regime working looks a bit bemused though!

1 comment:

  1. haha this made me laugh, realising the dilemmas of having a Truffle. Also, awwwww to the very cute pictures of her.



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