Sunday, 9 September 2012

Balancing Pebbles

After a long wet summer, time to take a short break and hopefully find some sunshine! Luckily our last-minute break co-incides with a week of good weather so off we go to the Norfolk coast, me, Mr F and doglett Truffle.

A few years ago we came across an artist on the beach at Lyme Regis who had perfected the art of balancing stones (quite big ones too) and then I discovered more via the internet when researching for images for one of my websites. Intrigued by the beauty and simplicity of this art form, I've been longing to have a go myself  and find out if I can create my very own pebble chimneys.

First attempt was a sort of 'Pebble Henge' and the funny thing can 'feel' when the pebbles hit their balancing point and almost 'lock' together.

Here is our doglett Truffle keeping an eye on things.

So the next challenge is to see if I can build some pebble 'chimney stacks'...and here's the result:

And finally...after a couple of days I perfect my technique and get my 'photo of the week'

Such simple beauty in natural form, transient, fragile and be washed up and reformed by the tide in just a few hours....

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