Monday, 28 June 2010

Piaggio Van Plans...

It has been so many years now that it's hard to remember where the Piaggio dreams originated. It has been a sort of family emblem and dream ever since we discovered these tiny one person Italian vans which were suitably silly for us to be hankering after our own personalised versions.

While I was at university a few weeks ago doing exams, I received a number of facebook updates from my mother which turned out to be a spontaneously drawn Piaggio van from each member of the family, followed by '... and now it's your turn!' My cries of 'but I'm taking a French grammar exam tomorrow morning' were engulfed after a few seconds by the thought of 'oh, alright then' and I spent the next hour of the evening in a trance-like state, absorbed entirely, and finally realising how much I had missed doing art this year at university. Trust my family to be able to distract me from revision, even from 50 miles away. On the other hand, pre-exam relaxation is never really a bad thing.

What would you do with your one-person, iconic Piaggio?

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