Monday, 23 April 2012

Cheeky Chaffinch - Twitterpated or What??

Since I started feeding the birds in our front and back garden, we have a growing number of daily visitors to the bird table and feeders in addition to our resident population of noisy sparrows who spend their day chattering and gossiping in the hedgerows.

We're also lucky enough to have regular visits from the lovely woodpecker (greater spotted) - a splash of black & white spots and bright red under belly. I finally got to snap him on film's not the best photo but at least it shows he was there!

One of our other regular visitors is the Chaffinch...normaly a shy bird who flits in and out of the table and feeders without making a big fuss. However, of late he's taken to tapping at Mr F's studio window and attacking the car!

It took a while to work out what was going on here but we concluded that during sunny days when our house windows were at their most reflective, the Chaffinch was convinced that what he saw was a rival bird invading his territory. He spent days on end attacking our house windows and the car windscreen. It drove Mr F mad who was busy trying to get on with some serious the end Mr F resorted to hanging print outs of birds of prey on his studio door. It seemed to do the trick, except that all that happened was the Chaffinch relocated to another part of the garden - in front of my window and the whole rigmarole started again!!!!

Thankfully the demented bird has stopped it's bizarre behaviour and settled back into normal feeding. Not sure if that's because it decided the reflection was not a threat after all ....or could it be because we've had duller weather of late so the 'phantom' rival Chaffinch has temporarily gone away!!!!

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