Thursday, 19 August 2010

Truffle's Troupe

Truffle, though one of the more spoilt dogs in the universe, loves her toys unconditionally. Here we decided to pile them all back into her box (this is minus the random 'fluffy things', and tennis balls of her collection) - where they won't stay for long. To Truffle, toys don't belong in a box, they need to be thrown around the house as much as possible.

So here is a rare occasion on which you may be introduced to Truffle's troupe. From the left we have the Dulux dog, who actually forms part of her doggy day bed next to mum's computer, large enough for Truffle to sleep on, chew a bit, and fling around occasionally if she's really bored. To the right of Dulux, we have brown bear and above him the mini-Truffle who are on a par currently in Truffle popularity terms. Finally, on the far right, we have the latest addition - Doggleberry. Doggleberry is currently Truffle's pride as he used to belong to me and she had had her eye on him for a while. And, rather hilariously, his head is about the same size as Truffle's, but she still loves to lug him around and present him to you several times a day.

In fact, by now I think the box is now empty again.

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