Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Once Upon A Time...There Was a Tree!

We are fortunate indeed to have a property that borders onto fields..and beautiful views - morning sunrise and evening sunsets are a daily joy to behold and our neighbouring field is also host to a herd of gorgeous Jersey Cows, intermittent docile residents who gaze at you with their big brown eyes as you walk amongst them.
We also have a number of Ash trees on our boundary that tower above the garden. Not only are they engulfed but literally imprisoned and enslaved by ivy. The ownership of these trees is ambiguous and further investigation tell us that it could be a long journey to define responsibility for maintenance. We've had expert advice but to all intents and purposes any works to the trees is going to be an expensive choice...and probably beyond our budget at this time.

So...what to do. I love trees and am loathe to cut something down just because it gets in the way....there has to be an alternative!

Walking in our local woods, I note that many of the beech trees that have suffered the invasion of ivy have been rescued simply by removing a layer of ivy roots from the base of the tree. Could this work with our resident Ash?? Worth a try methinks.

So here it is...somewhere beyond all that ivy is a tree!!!  "Can you tell what it is yet?"

Mr F was a bit worried when I appeared in the living room wielding an axe! Needless to say..no murderous intentions, he he ... just needed him to help me sharpen the blade.

Several hours later after much hacking, chopping, sawing, swearing and hard labour, a tree emerges and the garden receives more light.

So far the ivy defies all atempts at obliteration, but it's early days and with any luck we will win the battle of the Ivy over the coming winter months and by the Spring, start to remove more dead ivy wood from the branches, slowly bringing back to life our poor neglected and rather lovely Ash Tree.

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  1. Spot on! Tree experts would salute you. That's a SERIOUS amount of chopping off achieved there. Phew! xx



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