Thursday, 1 December 2011

Truffle and the Robin

Our doglett Truffle loves the garden. Any opportunity to be out there and she is in doggie heaven....... and if you haven't already noticed, she manages to feature in many of the photos we've taken of gardening progress to date!

One thing that drives her potty is wild birds. We do our best to educate her that chasing birds is not acceptable behaviour but it's an ongoing battle and her natural instincts - being a Spaniel born of working stock - are hard to suppress. Roosting pheasants clucking in nearby trees at dusk are a particular tease ...on hearing the call Truffle goes into high alert, ready for the big chase into the distant mist.

The Robin is a different ball game altogether. Well known for being territorial - indeed they will fight to the death to defend their territory, our resident read breast is no exception! He seems particularly peeved that we have the audacity to invade his personal space and follows us around the garden watching us with his beady eye.

Truffle in turn, stalks him and watches his every move. Never quite quick enough to catch but just enough to tell him that this is her garden not his. So the stand-off continues and neither party wins.

You would think that Robbie would be grateful for all the tasty morsels we reveal for him but judging by his angry chattering from the shrubbery he is not happy! In fact if I were to translate his chirpings into human would be full of obscenities!

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