Monday, 28 November 2011

Dungeons and Dragon Whisperers!

Now who's this in the middle of the herb garden? Non other than my friend Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer aka Chloe of the Midnight Storytellers!

Death and destruction to all weeds, wherever you are!! Now, whilst Agent Green was aware of the mystery drainpipe hole, what she is not aware of until now is that this weekend we made a startling discovery...right underneath where she was busy digging!!!!

Well???? ....And?????

A rather large sink  hole that looks like an underground tunnel!

Lined with London bricks! Hey...I could do with some more of those but maybe that's taking the whole recycling thing a bit too far and the consequences don't bear thinking about!

Now if you look closely you will see a little froglett sat on the rubble.... wait a minute - of course, why didn't I think of that before? It must be the Soup Dragon's lair!!!

Mmmmmmmmm....think we might have to get Agent Green to come back and investigate!


  1. Oh my teeth and tail! Looks like a history mystery to me! Hmm. This is probably the Cotswold equivalent of a swallet hole; 17thC Stow on the Wold had lots of holes dropping deep into the limestone and people just chucked their rubbish down 'em; they stank 'orribly. You need to find the village's Oldest Inhabitant and ply them with tea and biccies 'til they talk... Or I could bring one of my more persuasive dragons..?

  2. Interesting! This one is lined with London bricks though - don't think they'd been invented in the 17thC but finding a village historian probably a good idea!!

    You could bring one of your dragons...but Soup Dragon might not be too pleased!!!



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