Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Dawn....New Lawn!

For some time now mother has been nagging me about the lawn! She's right of's looking a bit tired, full of lumps and bumps, thinning at the edges and a wierd looking water-feature plonked in the middle!             .........Now what does that remind me of????

The electrics for the feature run through a pipe buried under the lawn and when you switch on the thing glimmers in the dark...but that's about all!

Hmmmmmm....more landfill fodder!

A bit of internet searching to find a good supplier of turf....might as well get some gravel for the paths whilst we're at it! Friday morning delivery, 60sqm of turf and a tonne of gravel....not much to do here then!

Mr F is looking worried!

Now all we have to do is prepare the old lawn, wheelbarrow the turf into the back garden and get to work! It's heavy stuff and back-breaking work, how come Mr F is all warm and cosy indoors whilst us girls do all the labouring????

Water feature is no more and we've filled in a few gaps with soil...mum reckons we can lay over the old grass so I'm not going to argue with that. We've calculated that we will have just enough to cover the area so starting from the bottom end of the garden here goes.....

Ideally the whole lot needs to be laid within 48 hours so it's a race against time to finish before dark - and my arms are starting to ache. I'm sure this stuff is getting heavier by the minute!

Job Done and nothing to spare! Now all I have to do is move a tonne of gravel.....but not today!


  1. You're in the wrong business!

    An exhibit at RHS Chelsea next year!



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